Gambling is not a sin

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The word of the Lord came to me and said gamling is a wicket sin because Lord told me to warn the believers of Arunachal Pradesh that housie ,Lotory etc is Abomination to God not to play to much ...

Gambling is not listed as one of the 613 laws which were given for the knowledge of sin . However , something can be a sin if the person believes it to be so for them . Eating is not a sin , but gluttony is , drinking is not a sin , but drunkeness is . 25 Important Bible Verses About Gambling (Shocking Verses) Gambling leads to more sin. Not only does gambling lead to deeper and deeper covetousness, but it leads to different types of sin. When you go to the movie theater and buy popcorn they make it extra buttery so you will buy their expensive drinks. When you go to casinos they promote alcohol. Is Gambling a Sin? Is It the Same as Casting Lots in the Bible? Gambling Gray Areas. Gambling in Sports. The sports-viewing landscape has been forever changed with the popularity of fantasy sports. If you are not already familiar, fantasy sports is an online game where the “bettor” selects virtual teams of real athletes in a professional sports event.

Personally, I believe that gambling is a sin because it creates a desire for wealth and if or when we do win, we are taking money from others by not earning it honestly. Some gamble just for fun and commit to only spend so much money and if their conscience doesn’t bother them then I won’t judge them but...

Nevertheless, major religions still have strong viewpoints on the matter. And I’m going to cover what the five most popular religions think about gambling. I’ll also come to a conclusion on whether or not you’re committing a sin by wagering. Buddhism View on Gambling General Buddhist Beliefs Is Gambling a Sin - Testify For ChristTestify For Christ Is Gambling a Sin Gambling…..quite a habit most people seem to have out there huh? But as to whether gambling is a sin or not is still unclear till date and it is most likely to have more Christians partaking in this practice also, just because the bible does not really say anything specifically about this habit. Is gambling a sin? - General Poker - CardsChat™

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Is it a Sin to Gamble? Here are 6 Arguments Why it Should be Even though no verse specifically states that gambling is a sin, it does provide several scriptures that indicate it should not be done. Discover six arguments why gambling is a sin. Is Gambling a sin? - The Fog of Religion Gambling is taking a chance on something usually based on "greed" and this makes it a type of idol worship. Gambling feeds on the ego and desire of wealth or the feeding of a euphoric feeling of excitement that when out of control can … Is It a Sin for a Christian to Gamble? Is gambling a grey-area matter for believers? Is the Bible silent about gambling? Is it a sin for Christians to gamble? Gambling; a God-given freedom. – African Christians for Liberty

Many Christians argue that gambling is not condemned in the Bible and therefore find justification in their actions.3. Gambling as an addiction: I believe this to be a sin. Becoming in bondage or enslaved to anything is not what God wants for us.

Gambling is not a Sin in itself, but may lead to Sinful activities. One can consider the laws of Bible or the laws of the state. One must always ask before doing anything: Is what you are doing legal? If not you are in deep trouble? Are you following IRS laws? One cannot justify themselves by saying, "I am...