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i estimated port compression vs. port velocity on the cap sub using data-bass spl measurements vs. model port velocity: port velocity will depend not only on the surface area of the driver and the cross sectional area of the port, but also on how much the driver is moving. an 18" with 8mm excursion doesn't need nearly the port of an 18" moving ... Aero Port vs. Slot Port? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: aero ports, if flared, can be more efficient and have less turbulence so you can usually get away with less port area. determining port area is based off of the subs stats and the power that you will be using, but a general rule for aeros for 1 15 inch sub is 1 6 inch aero port. usually people have also gotten up to 3 db louder with an aero port as well, but that doesnt mean you ... Sealed vs Ported vs Bandpass Enclosures - Boxden.Com

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How to Calculate a Round Port to a Slotted Port for a… Speaker Box Port: Length Vs. Frequency. Port length in a speaker has a direct impact on the overall sound and performance of the woofer. The lowest frequencies played by the speaker are governed by port length and diameter, necessitating careful measurements and evaluation prior to deciding upon... HBA - "Single Port" vs "Dual Port" - Hewlett Packard… Dual port HBA and single port HBA has been designed based on the situations or I can say based on the availability of IO slots you can use.Single port HBA spreads IO acress multiple PCI slots so gives better resilience. Each adapter having it's own PCI bus so throughput is better.(Again depends...

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Dual 12'' Transmission Line Advanced Slot Ported Sub Box (HB2x12SPL2) - New Page 3 Fits Most Hatch Back and Trunks 2-12'' Speakers Transmissions Line Slot Ported Box Air Volume 2.20 Cubic Feet Total Port Volume .59 Cubic Feet... Precision Port 4" Flared Speaker Cabinet Port Tube Kit Precision Port 4" Flared Speaker Cabinet Port Tube Kit The unique flared-end construction of the Precision Port™ system enables it to outperform any standard port tube on the market. Conventional tubes suffer from nasty turbulence at the entrance and exit of the port, producing unwanted noise and poor sound quality. Sealed vs Ported Subwoofers: Which Is Right For You ...

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* - The value for Flare Length Port Required is the overall length of the flared port. If you specified more than one port for the Number of Ports value the Flare Length Port Required value will be for each port. * - For the 2" Precision Port cut the center tube 5 inches shorter than the Flare Length Port … 10" Ported Subwoofer Boxes/Enclosures - Sonic Electronix If you want to make your 10" car sub sound louder, get a correctly matched ported subwoofer box. Ported and vented subwoofer enclosures come with a round port or a rectangular vent and can enhance the bass output from your sub when matched correctly. Tutorial: Ported Enclosure Characteristics - JL Audio