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Gw2 Guild Bank Slots - I had to buy Guild Wars 2. And yeah, i know they also sell bag slots, but come on, even if i dont buy extra bag slots i shouldnt have to be this encumbered with junk.Jul 25, 2012 · The Bank Tab Expansion item from the Guild Wars 2 Gem Shop upgrades your bank storage by 30 slots. It costs 600 gems. Personal Guild Bank - 50 Bank Slots It will take you several days to get your final 50 guild bank slots due to the built in timers for the steps needed. The first step at 500 influence is to queue up Research Architecture Level 1 which takes 15 hours. Once you have another 1000 influence, queue up Research Architecture Level 2 which takes 32 hours.

But to extend your banker’s bank, you need to buy bag spaces and buy bags to put in them. Extra bag slots in your bank cost 10s, 1g, 10g, and 4x25gFirst you need to buy your guild charter. This costs 10s. Then you have to find 9 other people to sign it. You can get this for free if you have friends willing...

2019-5-13 · The Bag slots or Inventory[1] are located above the Micro menu which contains a backpack and 4 slots for bag items. The default backpack is a 16-slot container, and it can thus hold sixteen items – one in each slot. New bags you acquire can be smaller containers, or bigger than your backpack. Guild bank | World of Warcraft Wiki | FANDOM powered by …

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Видео How To Use Guild Bank. много видео на тему: How To Use Guild Bank. Bank Alts: Guild Bank vs. Personal Storage | Warcraft Econ -…

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It is sold by NPCs and an achievement reward. In the Other Items category. Added in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Always up to date with the latest patch.