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Poker, Strategy, Probability, and Life - GirlsAskGuys Poker is a counter-intuitive game that breaks many players. So is life. The difficulty of poker is that we can do something perfectly, maximizing our chances to win, and still lose.. We can be punished for doing something right and rewarded for doing something wrong. This directly challenges human psychology in a way that often breaks people. Seriously, how do you guys deal with variance??? | General ... Wurble: OK, I've read more poker strategy in the last year than I care to admit to anyone outside of the poker community. I know the theory behind a good game, I know that variance exists and that it can be brutal. Of course I know, because I've read it hundreds of times from hundreds of different sources and every single one, basically, has said DON'T UNDERESTIMATE VARIANCE.

How to Deal with Tilting; Every Players Nemesis.2. Chasing losses – Most players hate to leave a game a loser, but beware the sunken-cost fallacy: The cards themselves have no memory; just because you’ve lost the last few tough hands doesn’t mean that the next one will automatically be a winner.

Treatment of Gambling Gains and Losses in Michigan | Gordon ... Treatment of Gambling Gains and Losses in Michigan. November 13, 2017 by April Thiel, CPA. You Win Some, You Lose Some at the Casino! I would really love it if a client of mine called me up one day and said, “I won big at the casino! I can't deal with bad losses - I can deal with blowout losses i can't deal with losing at end of games, it happened to me 3 straight wagers and now i'm beyond tilted went back to my local friday bet some games this weekend was ...

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Hoping to win every poker hand is an unrealistic expectation, but what happens when you go on tilt? Here’s how the professional poker players deal with it. How to deal with bad beats in poker? - Aussie Pokies Even though bad beats can be difficult to handle, you need to know how to deal with bad beats in poker to ensure that those sympathizing with you don’t end up getting angry with your behavior. How To Deal With Bad Beats in Texas Holdem Poker A bad beat in Texas Holdem poker happens when a heavily-favored hand loses out to a hand that was well behind prior to the river card being dealt... Controlling Poker Tilt - How to Successfully Deal with Poker If you're on tilt, read this article in a hurry. We give you strategies for controlling your tilt and returning to a stable emotional state.

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